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Sabrina Harms is an actress based in Los Angeles who “does the things!” She sings, she writes, she fights (stage combat - not random brawls...usually), she’s a visual artist, she distresses furniture and her mother. 

      She is Chicago-trained and got her BFA in Acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University.  She also studied voice and movement with Pantheatre at the Roy Hart Center in Thoiras, France and now uses those skills to teach young artists.

     She grew up in small-town Colorado but frequently spent weeks (or sometimes months) of the year living in her mother's native country of New Zealand.     

When not acting, she creates solo performance work, writes poetry, avidly devours fantasy novels, climbs trees, and tries to befriend every animal she sees.


   She is an aspiring globe-trotter and will take advantage of just about any opportunity to jump on a plane or in a car and explore till she runs out of Diet Coke or iced coffee.

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