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While working and teaching in New Zealand from 2021-2022 it was an honor to be selected as Film Bay of Plenty's Ten Screen Industry Women To Admire. View my interview and the stories of the other nine incredible wahine below.

Notebook and Pen

Going  Solo

One Woman - Three Shows

Silver Glitter Stilettos

The Margaret Project

What's in a name? Is there some intrinsic fire, some energy and spirit that is gifted to us with this name? We follow three Margarets: Shakespearian Queens, to shopaholics, (Margaret of Anjou, Princess Margaret, and a fiery young kiwi girl from Rotorua) as they face the challenges of very different times for women, united by a boldness to do what others do not dare, the courage to start lives far beyond the homes where they were born, and a warrior's heart, ready to meet opposition on the battlefield. The clammer of swords, tongues, and heels on marble will bring this titan spirit to life, but will the new generation find the courage to fill those shoes?   


This one woman show examines the beauty and vulnerability of the female spirit across several centuries, countries and oceans. How do we establish ourselves in new worlds? How do we carve out a space to express our authentic selves when the world would have us toe the line and follow along?  These Margaret’s forge connections and blaze trails in uncertain terrain by relying on family, generosity, adventurous spirit, and particular taste in shoes.

Dys and Dragons.PNG

Dyslexia and Dragons

Things have never been easy for Rhia. From uncompromising parents she can never please, to mental health issues, she's had it. It's hard enough to struggle through the challenges of your first year at uni- it’s so much worse when your best friend seems to breeze through everything.   She can't even have fun with the new game all her friends are obsessed with. A session of Dungeons and Dragons leaves her feeling as worn out as the math homework that makes her literally sick. But when a misread spell catapults her into an actual dimension of magical creatures of murderous intent, she might just find that what she had always thought of as her weakness might be the only thing to save herself and the girl who is the love of her life, from certain death. 


This one woman show uses a little projected magic to take audiences inside the mind and heart of a young woman struggling with her sexuality, mental health and horrible dyslexia and dyscalculia. It examines what it’s like to literally not see the world as others do and follows Rhia’s journey of embracing these differences as unique strengths rather than embarrassing weaknesses. 

Image by Pro Church Media

That Dirty Disney Princess

That Dirty Disney Princess" uses satirical covers of classic Disney ballads to tell the story of Rhiannon (Ria), your average small town girl in her late 20s, who is disappointing her parents, feeling sexually frustrated, and struggling with the perils of the modern dating world.  The sudden appearance of a fairy godmother and strange phenomenon of her speech turning to song helps Ria begin to accept her queer identity, shake the lingering shame and fear cast by her religious upbringing, and start on her own epic fairy tale in the pursuit of self love. 

 Rhiannon “Ria” Duncan studied something at Uni her family think is useless and is struggling to figure out how to embrace her sexuality and shake the shame of the religious community she grew up in.  Ria has realized that the Disney Princesses she loved, grew up on, and still holds close to her heart are completely chaste and useless when it comes to tackling the challenges of the modern dating world. Or so she thought… When the aftermath of a disastrous date causes her fairy godmother to bippity-boppity-boo herself into Ria’s life, everything gets turned on its head. The magic of music opens her eyes to the unsung stories of the royal young women we thought we knew so well. Note by note, Ria begins to realize that the road to her own self-acceptance and self-love might not be as straight as she once thought.

The changes covid brought were not easy for any of us. When I was not able to perform and and collaborate in person with people I took to doing more visual art and learned to refinish and up-cycle furniture! Check out my work at my website below! Some pieces still available!

Long ago...
at a trampoline park far, far away... 

      Sabrina is starring in the indie feature film The Immediate Unknown written and directed by Kaitlyn Mek premiering August in Winnetka, IL.


For more information about

The Immediate Unknown visit their Kickstarter and Tumblr pages.



     An eighteen-year-old girl's ordinary life gets shaken up when she enters college and experiences adulthood in its most vulnerable form.


The Immediate Unknown Music Update!


     We're so excited to announce that Spencer Tweedy, the son of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, is contributing an unreleased song to The Immediate Unknown called "Cool Kids". We are so excited to share his song with you and are thrilled his music will become a part of our film. 

     The musicians that will be scoring the film will be announced next week! 

     We're at $12,631 and could not be happier with the amount of support we've received over the last few weeks. We cannot say thank you enough. 

     It's all coming together! Beyond thrilled to share the final project. 


     Stay tuned,


The Immediate Unknown Team




Jul 22 2014

Screen Crave Named Us "Indie Fundraiser Pick of the Week"



    Wow, what a great surprise! The Immediate Unknown has caught the attention of film blog Screen Crave, and we couldn't be more thrilled!



     See article below:




June 20 2014


        Sabrina can currently be seen at the Greenhouse Theatre Center performing in EL Stories: Heroes.  Come watch her face the terrors of the CTA, fight bears, and much more! 

       Faster than a Purple Line Express, able to transfer buses in a single card swipe… it’s EL Stories 22: Heroes!, the latest edition of Waltzing Mechanic’s long-running documentary series about life as it happens on the CTA. Adapted from interviews with real Chicago commuters, the Waltzing Mechanics perform a kaleidoscope of the commuting public’s most memorable and hilarious encounters. Recognized by the Chicago Tribune as one of the “Best of the Fringe” in 2011, EL Stories also gives you a chance each week to have your own transit tale played back live. Don’t miss our train!

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